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Tank APRILIA RS 250 1998-2003 (Mk2)

For the construction of this tank, all the innovation and technology at our disposal was implemented:

  • It is made with a particular technique that allows you to use a single piece of carbon with significant aesthetic and structural advantages.
  • Internally there are several layers of Kevlar to increase impact resistance.
  • The internal surface is treated with a particular coating made to our specifications to ensure the seal over time.
  • The internal threads are obtained through ergal threaded rivets produced to our specifications that guarantee maximum strength and lightness.
  • The air vent is in anodized ergal made on our design.
  • In order not to leave anything to chance, the carbon frame attachment bracket is also supplied with the relative titanium fixing screws.

If you want to protect the tank, dedicated protections are available   TANK PROTECTORS



  • Allows a weight reduction of 3 kg (1.8 kg vs 4.8 kg).
  • Possible choice between glossy or matte finish.
  • Ready for assembly.
  • Prepared to use standard or compatible plug and tap.
  • It resists atmospheric agents and does not need maintenance.
  • The geometric shapes are faithful to the series model.


Our components are made using the highest quality materials: certified carbon fiber and high modulus epoxy resin produced to our specifications.
Several layers of carbon fiber are used with the addition of internal Kevlar reinforcements in the areas subject to impact.
The processing is carried out by specialized personnel with the utmost care in laying the fabrics and using a VARTM vacuum technique developed and patented by us.
We therefore obtain a component with excellent aesthetic and mechanical qualities, thanks to the “state of the art” that the made in Italy hi-tech craftsmanship is able to provide.

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