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Racing Airbox SUZUKI RGV 250 (VJ22)

Airbox for racing division



Our airbox Racing adopts a technology derived from the GP taking advantage of all available space within the engine compartment and by using the lower part of the fuel tank as closing to increase the volumetric capacity of which becomes 9.5 lt against 6.2 lt of the standard component ( + 53%).
The air intake (Snorkel) is positioned in the front to be able to suck a greater amount of air and with less turbulence than the positioning adopted in origin. In the rear area, in fact, a vacuum is created by aerodynamic effect, making more difficult the aspiration of air.
Its shape also was designed using the calculation FEM (Finite Element Method) to minimize the load losses and therefore increase performance throughout the period of use.
The kit including a bulkhead to be mounted close to the air intake to prevent suction of hot air.
All this is mainly reflected in an increase in engine performance (in the image gallery you can see the comparison chart found at the dynamometer):
Greater maximum power (+3 hp *)
Better throttle response
Major extension (+ 500 rpm)
Additionally you obtain a weight reduction of about 50% (465 grams compared to 970 grams of series part).
Better steady carburetion
A “sound” from real Gp
Improved access for maintenance
Air filter in washable sponge cut with laser
Support sponge made with laser cutting and optimized to have a greater open surface
The kit is ready for assembly
Weather resistant and it does not need maintenance
This component is designed for competition use and therefore is not approved for road use

* Standard engine

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