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Left side Winglet Kit Ducati Panigale V4/V4S/V4R

The technical partnership with the victorious GoEleven team has given rise to these aerodynamic appendages used in the 2020 Superbike World Championship by the rider Michael Ruben Rinaldi and in the 2021 by the rider Chaz Davies.

They have been used in all the races of the championship and have shown excellent qualities of reliability and performance.

They are made with the utmost care and using the best materials available.

Nothing is left to chance: the kit includes 2 Gr. 5 titanium fixing screws.

The shape of the airfoils generates downforce (downward pressure) which increases stability at high speeds, helping to decrease the tendency to wheelie out of corners and at the same time increasing stability in the most decisive braking sections.

Furthermore, the choice of adopting the wing type profile allows the front section to be reduced to a minimum while maintaining a high CX value (drag coefficient).


NOTE: **Mountable from 2019 V4R and from 2020 V4 / V4S fairings**



  • Mountable on: V4R of 2019-2020 and V4 / V4S of 2020.
  • Plain carbon texture (Ducati Performance).
  • In addition to functionality, they give a racing aesthetic touch.
  • Suitable for both track / competition and road use.
    Ready for assembly.
  • In accordance with current homologation standards.
  • They resist atmospheric agents and do not need maintenance.


Our components are made using the highest quality materials: certified carbon fiber and high modulus epoxy resin produced to our specifications.
Different layers of carbon fiber are used with added Kevlar internal reinforcements in areas subject to impact.
The processing is carried out by specialized personnel with the utmost care in laying the fabrics and using a VARTM vacuum technique developed and patented by us.
We therefore obtain a component with excellent aesthetic and mechanical qualities, thanks to the “state of the art” that the made in Italy hi-tech craftsmanship is able to provide.

Directions of craftsmanship:
Some small surface imperfections, microporosity or chromatic irregularities are a typical feature of carbon fiber and its manufacturing. Their presence is synonymous with craftsmanship and uniqueness of each individual piece and does not affect the life or robustness of the item.

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